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Mary who restores couples

Mary who restores couples

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What this book is about :
It addresses the couples who feel the need to renew their matrimonial life . 
There are 3 chapters  :
1/ The novena , with a fresh meditation every day , followed by the prayer to “Mary who restores couples”..  Each meditation focuses on a different side of the married couple’s life: Tenderness, fidelity, illness, the education of children, intimate relations, Christian life ...
2/ litanies to “ Mary who restores couples” ,that invoke The Virgin Mary for the renewal of matrimonial love . 
3/ Listening: this concrete time of matrimonial dialogue  is offered under the protective eyes of Mary who restores couples. It is an opportunity to open a few files of matrimonial life in the presence of Our Lady. To do that without Her would be doomed to failure, because it is too dangerous.



Release date : 15/11/2016

Code : LIF0001

Bar code : 9782746693623 

EAN13 : 9782746693623


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